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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery hours are between 5pm to 8pm every Monday and Wednesday, and can be delivered to either home or work addresses. We currently only deliver within Manhattan. If you live outside of Manhattan, depending on the location, we may be able to deliver for an additional cost, or offer in-person pick up for no fee.

To place an order, please click the Order button on the top of the page and click which meal plan you’d prefer. Please remember that all Monday deliveries must be ordered by 9am Sunday and all Wednesday deliveries must be placed by 9am Tuesday.

All meals are guaranteed to last for three days. If your order is delivered on Monday night, it should be consumed by Thursday night. If your order is delivered on Wednesday night, it should be eaten by Saturday night. All foods should go directly into your refrigerator unless otherwise instructed.

If you’d like to place an order but have dietary restrictions, we will try to work with you as best as possible to accommodate any needs! We ask for your understanding that some dishes can’t be altered, as they are made in batches. For any specific restrictions, please make sure to email me directly with any allergy or aversions.

Our service is a zero commitment service. You can choose on a weekly basis if you would like to place an order for three of six days of food. We do ask that these orders be placed three days in advance to allow us to accommodate